Apologies; garden waste collections suspended

Six weeks to support waste services Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) has reluctantly decided to suspend garden waste collections for six weeks from Monday 2 August.

Collections are expected to restart from Monday 13 September. Should that date change, we will let subscribers know.

We apologise for this temporary measure, which is essential to support rubbish and recycling collections.

Suspending garden waste collections allows us to redeploy staff to support vital rubbish and recycling services. It will not get the services back to normal, but it will help minimise disruption.

Subscribers do not need to do anything. Their subscription will be automatically extended by eight weeks, including an

extra two weeks for the disruption, especially at this key time for gardeners.

Collections of garden waste will continue up to and including Friday 30 July. From that date on, SWP will not return for missed garden waste collections. During the six-week suspension, it will not be possible to book collections of garden waste sacks.

After a pandemic year in which crews worked far longer hours with heavier waste loads, the LGV driver shortage and COVID self-isolation of staff have badly hit services.

We apologise for the recent delays to many collections, and we are working hard with collections contractor SUEZ to maintain services. But there is no quick fix. Somerset is not alone; many councils face similar pressures.

What subscribers can do

  • Recycling All 16 Somerset recycle sites take garden waste.
  • Reduce Mow and prune less this summer; let it grow.
  • Use grass cuttings to retain moisture and reduce weeds.
  • Aid Add branches to your “wild corner” to help useful bugs.
  • More on composting, including bargain compost bins, here: somersetwaste.gov.uk/home- composting
  • Do not put garden waste into rubbish or recycling containers; do not fly-tip.

You can cut missed pick-ups

Help your crews get more done:

  • Sort materials into the right containers and have all out by
  • Stack boxes in windy weather to reduce waste being blown
  • Squash, flatten and (if safe) crush all except glass and aerosols so crews can collect more before


Questions? Vital to get in touch? There is more information on garden waste collections and the suspension, full FAQs and an online contact form at somersetwaste.gov.uk/gardenwaste- suspension

 If essential to get in touch, the form is the quickest way to make contact.

 If you cannot use the online form, DO NOT contact your district council.

Instead, call this dedicated garden waste service number: 01823 589900 (lines open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, from 9am Thursday 29 July).

Get more done online

Via My Waste Services 24/7 at

somersetwaste.gov.uk, you can:

  • Order any recycle container free
  • Log missed collections after 7pm
  • Pay for asbestos/plasterboard
  • Order paid bulky waste pick-up
  • Sort clinical/assisted collections
  • Get recycle site van/trailer permit
  • Send comments about services

We make more than 400,000 kerbside collections every week. Most are still happening as they should, but too many are being missed and we apologise.

Delays and disruption are frustrating but would ask for your patience.

For latest news, visit somersetwaste.gov.uk/service-update From training to recruitment – see: suez.co.uk/engb/join-our-team-in- somerset

Somerset Waste Board

SWP’s governing body has two members from each partner council: Mendip Cllrs Peter Goater, Tom Ronan; Sedgemoor Cllrs Andrew Gilling, Janet Keen; Somerset County Cllrs David Hall, Clare Paul (Vice Chair); Somerset West and Taunton Cllrs David Mansell, Andrew Sully; South Somerset Cllrs Sarah Dyke (Chair), Tim Kerley. SWB agendas: somersetwaste. gov.uk/somerset-waste-board

Information on SWP services somersetwaste.gov.uk for advice and ezine sign-up. Follow @Somersetwaste on social media. SWP manages waste services for all Somerset councils.