LSMI (The Ladysmith Memorial Institute)

LSMI (The Ladysmith Memorial Institute)




Charity number 304629

The Lady Smith Memorial Institute is a Somerton charity set up in 1896 in memory of Frances, Lady Smith, a member of the Pinney family. The charity owns and administers a building known as the Parish Rooms for the benefit of the people of Somerton. It is a village hall and it stands in the centre of the town beside the gates to the churchyard. The Custodian Trustee is the Town Council who are responsible for the deeds of the building. The Charity Trustees are the volunteer members of the Management Committee who look after the day-to-day running of the Parish Rooms.

The building contains a Hall which seats 100 people and has a stage, as well as the Pinney Room which seats 25. There is a kitchen with all that hirers need for meals, etc. The heating was upgraded in 2015 and the building is as user-friendly as we can make it.

Many improvements have been made possible over the last few years by fund-raising efforts by The Friends of the Parish Rooms and generous grants from Somerton Community Association.

For enquiries and bookings, please contact the bookings clerk, Nancy Schooling, on 01458 273859 or email:[email protected]

Website: Parish Rooms