Somerton Community Lifeline: Help in Self Isolation

Somerton Community Lifeline

Help in Self Isolation

Remember to take precautions by washing your hands frequently and staying home for 7 days if you have a fever or persistent cough. If symptoms worsen or persist, or you have breathing difficulties, contact NHS Direct on 111.

We ask everyone to look out for their neighbours.

This scheme has been set up with the help of all the local churches through Churches Together and Somerton Good Neighbours with support of STC

Its aim is to ensure those in “self isolation” because of the coronavirus, can access food and medicines. It is not to give medical help.

If you need medical help contact 111, or your surgery through Ask my GP.

Please do not visit your surgery or A&E unless told to do so.

For the scheme to work we need volunteers who are happy to deliver  food and prescriptions. Please contact coordinator Mo Fletcher if you can HELP.  01458 274631 mob 07718 920 198 or email: [email protected]

If you give your contact details, they will only be used for this scheme.

 The scheme has a list of emergency numbers, below, given by each church group, that you can ring if you need help getting food or prescriptions.

Each church, with no denominational bias, will hold a list of volunteers who will collect and deliver food and prescriptions. You don’t need to be a church member to volunteer or benefit. Their numbers are in the list below

If you cannot phone, please contact a neighbour or someone else who will pass your needs onto the team.

 Be safe – if you receive a message for help, unless you know the person, only pass the information on to one of the numbers below.

 If you are calling for help, be careful when you open your door.

 Safe Contact Numbers (all 01458) :-

273403,    273568,    223094,    253414,    272029,    273653

 If you care for someone and need additional information and guidance,  please contact Somerset Carers 08003 168 600 (24 hrs)

Etsome Arms

Peter & Sharon at the Etsome Arms offer their space for potential volunteers to meet and use as a hub for shopping deliveries/collections and support.


Thank you.


Updated 7th May 2020


Created by Councillor Martyn Smith shared with Thanks.

Route 1 Distance 5.6 Km Total ascent 43m

Leave car park and turn L over the railway bridge and immediately R (SP Public Footpath). Follow lane downhill and at left hand bend, go R through waymarked gate and along path at side of field. At end of field, take steep steps down to road and turn L. Pass Bedlands Gate Farm and after 50m, turn L into track (Restricted By-Way), which soon becomes a path along the L side of field. At end of field, go through gate on L and after 50m turn R at fingerpost (SP Mill Lane). After 600m, reach Mill Lane and turn L for 400m. At crossroads, go straight ahead for 300m to reach the B3151 at Keeper’s Cottage. Cross with care and head L along far verge for 100m to reach a gate (SP Huish Rd). The path follows the RH boundary and then veers slightly L to far corner of field. Go through the gap, across a sleeper bridge and straight across field on well-defined path. At the top of the slight rise go through hedge gap, do not go into the field, but take the narrow track to R 20m before. Follow through woodland for 500m and where it bears sharply L by gates, bear L to locate a gate and stile in the left hand corner of the field to reach a tarmac road (GR 506 283). Turn L and follow the road for 850m to junction. Go L and (with care) cross and go immediately R into Lower Somerton. After 150m go R along grassy track (SP Public Footpath) beside house and cross small bridge to gate. Ascend field, keeping hedge on L to reach and cross stile. Go L for 100m to reach metal kissing gate 10m to R of metal gate and follow tarmac path to emerge in The Millands. Continue ahead past the Police Station and the school playing field to reach the Market Place. Continue ahead into West Street and continue for 300m and go R into the car park


Route 2 Distance 5.4Km Total ascent 47m

Leave car park and go L along West Street. After 200m at the Market Square, bear to the R of the Old Town Hall and continue ahead into Kirkham Street. Continue ahead past the Police Station into The Millands then straight along a footpath in front of a row of white houses and bear R to reach a kissing gate. Cross field staying close to the R boundary and cross the stile on R shortly before the end of the fence. Go down the field with the hedge on R, through a gate and across a bridge and along a short grassy track to emerge in Lower Somerton. Turn L and after 150m, cross the busy B3151 with care. Turn L and immediately R into Huish Road (No Through Road sign) for 400m to entrance to Somerton Randle (GR 502 284). Continue for 500m to locate waymarked stile by metal gate on R. Cross stile and ascend gently to the R, then bear R on to track along edge of woods, ascending gently. When path leaves woods go through wide gap and follow clear path across field to cross sleeper bridge. Keep hedge on the R for 200m then aim slightly L to gate to road. Go ahead along verge and where road bears sharp L, cross with care and go along lane by Keepers Cottage. After 250m, go ahead at crossroads and after 350m go R through metal gate (SP Somerton) and follow path, with hedge on R. After 400m enter track for 100m to junction. Go R through gate and follow path across two fields to a stone stile to a road (GR 492 283). Go L and ascend gently up Pesters Lane to reach the junction with West Street. Go L and the car park is 200m on the R.


Route 3 Distance 6.3Km Total ascent 71m

Leave car park and turn L along West Street. At the Market Square go L through the churchyard passing to R of the church then turn R along path to Cow Square, with its restored Edwardian cattle trough. Go ahead along New Street for 400m and just past the Old School House descend track to L of Cockspurs. When track joins a tarmac road, go ahead to T-junction and turn L (SP Street). Go along the pavement crossing the bridge over the river Cary, with a fine view of the railway viaduct, and 100m beyond turn R (SP Lytes Cary). After 300m along this busy road, bear L (SP Hurcot) and follow the lane alongside and then under the railway as it snakes around the side of the Cary valley. 30m beyond the bridge go straight up the track to left of cottage (SP Copley Wood), over stile and continue along L boundary to reach tarmac lane (GR 502 298). Turn L and follow tarmac track for 500m passing to the R of modern house, then straight across field to descend bank to stile to wooded area. Go through wooded area and cross stile on L, then bear R and continue with hedge on R to emerge on the busy B3151. Go L with great care for 300m then turn R into Littleton for 200m to reach pond. Turn L and go to L of buildings and through small gate into field. Through gate ahead and continue close to the L boundary to cross another gate. At the next gate, with a view of the viaduct, cross and immediately go R to descend with fence on R to go to R of line of shrubs to reach and cross bridge over the river Cary.  Continue ahead between fishing lakes and at car park go ahead to ascend a steep footpath. At the top go through a kissing gate, climb steps, cross the tarmac road by the beech tree and follow path past the cemetery to emerge at road. Go L, cross to metal gate and follow path by railway to reach West Street adjacent to car park.


Route 4 Distance 5.4 Km Total ascent 46 m

Leave car park into West Street, turn L and immediately L along path by railway. At road by bridge continue along path to reach cemetery. Go L and immediately R on path beside cemetery to reach Cedar Grove. Go L for 50m then bear R into Beech Grove for 400m and turn R (SP Viaduct Fishery) to descend steeply down to the Cary valley. Follow this road as it winds along valley past the sewage works until after 2Km a T-junction is reached just beyond Etsome Dairy Farm (GR 482 306). Turn L and climb at first but then enjoying good views to the L. After 1.5Km at junction, do not turn R into Northfield, but continue ahead for 300m and follow as road bears R to pass the infants’ school. At the Fire Station go L (Behind Berry) and after 200m go R along Queens Road. At the junction, go L along King Ina Rd and after 100m between numbers 36 and 38, go R along tarmac track and through squeeze to emerge in the car park.


Route 5 Distance 5.9Km Total ascent 48m

Exit through the rear of the car park through metal squeeze and short track. At road, go L 100m then R along Queens Road for 100m. At junction, go L along Behind Berry and after 200m at Fire Station, go R into Etsome Terrace. Follow as road bears to L at the top of Brockle Hill and after 300m, where the houses end, do not go L into Northfield, but go straight ahead (No Through Road) and follow this level road with excellent views to the right. After 1Km the road starts to descend and after 300m reach a signposted bridleway on the L (GR 482 305). Turn L into the bridleway and follow for 1.1Km as the track bears sharp R then sharp L and ascends steeply to reach a junction (GR 474 297). Go L and continue, now climbing more gently, to reach a tarmac road and follow for 1Km to a junction. Go L for 40m then R into Northfield Way. Follow as it bears R and just beyond the last house on the L go through metal squeeze into Highfield Way. Continue for 250m to junction and go L into Behind Berry for 150m to junction beside Fire Station. Go R to mini-roundabout and then go L into Langport Road past the Royal Oak pub. The car park is 300m on the L

Route 6 Distance 5.7Km Total ascent 45m

Leave car park and go R and after 100m, fork R (SP Langport) for 300m to roundabout. Turn R, cross the road with care and turn L along Behind Berry. After 150m go R into Highfield Way. At the end, go through the metal squeeze on the R pavement into Northfield Way and follow as it bears L to a junction. Go L and after 40m R (No Through Road). After 1 Km at end of tarmac, go ahead descending gently. After 200m, ignore R turn but descend more steeply and after 400m, reach road. Go L, ascending gently for 300m to road junction (GR 470 296). Turn L ascending gradually for 750m to reach a road junction. Go R (SP Westcombe) for 250m to another junction and go L (GR 471 289). Follow this lane for 400m to a road junction. Go straight across through gate into field (SP Bridleway) and continue ahead keeping hedge on R. At the next gate, go ahead into an enclosed track to emerge on to Langport Road opposite the Sports Field. Turn L and follow, passing Gassons Lane and take the next R, West End. After 200m, at the grass triangle, go L into Camden Road, then bear R at Camden Orchard. At the end, go L for 250m to emerge on West Street. Go R and the car park is 100m on the L.

Route 7 Distance 4.4Km Total ascent 13m

Leave car park and go R along West Street. At fork by Post Office go R (SP Langport) and after 200m go L into West End. After 200m go sharp R (Camden Road) bearing L after 70m to reach grass triangle. Bear R for 150m to reach Langport Rd. Bear L and after 200m at Gassons Lane, cross to opposite pavement, continuing towards Langport. Cross Westholm Road and after 50m, turn R into a track beside bus stop (SP Cartway Lane) and follow enclosed track to a gate. Cross field with hedge on L to reach a gate (GR 483 287). Go through gate, go L and follow road for 250m to a junction. Go L for 70m and cross with care into Ricksey Lane (no sign). Follow for 750m bearing sharp R then L over the railway with view of tunnel. Ignore R turn just beyond and continue to junction by the Somerton entry sign. Go straight ahead with care over bridge and after 200m ignore L and R turns. Continue for 500m to reach triangle by Post Office. Bear R and car park is on L.


Route 8 Distance 4.3Km Total ascent 14m

Leave car park and turn R along West Street. At fork by the post office go L along Sutton Road. After 400m go ahead at staggered crossroads, cross the railway bridge and go ahead 200m to R fork by a seat. (GR 481 279). Fork R by seat into lane (7.5t restriction). Ignore L turn at junction but bear round R to bridge over railway. Continue along tarmac road, at first beside railway then round a sharp L bend and continue to Langport Road. Turn L, cross with care and turn R into Cartway Lane. Just beyond “Freshfields” with road to L, go R through gate (SP Bridleway) and keep hedge on R. At gate, go ahead into an enclosed track and follow to emerge on to Langport Road opposite the Sports Field. Turn L pass Gassons Lane and take the next R, West End. After 200m, at the grass triangle, go L into Camden Road, then bear R at Camden Orchard. At the end, go L for 250m to reach West Street. Go R and the car park is 100m on the L.


Route 9 Distance 6.1Km Total ascent 28m

Leave car park and turn right along West Street. At The Triangle, fork left along Sutton Road. After 200m turn L into Great Western Lane and follow through modern housing development. Follow the road as it bears L under the railway bridge, and continue ahead ascending gently for 800m to a crossroads (GR 488 275). Continue ahead for 1.3Km to a junction by Trout Cottage. Turn L (GR 491 263) and follow lane for 1.5Km to a junction close to quarry. Go L for 300m then R through metal gate (SP Somerton) and along path, keeping hedge on R. After 400m enter enclosed track for 100m to junction. Go L for 30m, through gate and continue, now with hedge on R. At end of field enter track for 100m to reach road. Go R and follow, descending gradually and 50m before railway bridge ascend steep steps on R (SP West Street). At top of steps, bear L and follow path along edge of field to reach a gate leading to a track. Go L and follow the track ascending gently to reach West Street by almshouses. Go L for 20m and car park is across the road.


Route 10 Distance 5.8Km Total ascent 34m

Leave car park and turn L over the railway bridge and continue along West Street for 200m. Fork R along Pesters Lane and follow downhill for 400m. Just beyond mini-roundabout go R over stone stile to follow track ascending gently across two fields in shallow valley and at top go through gate to reach track junction. At fingerpost go L (SP Mill Lane) and keep hedge on L for 600m to road. Go L for 300m to grass triangle near quarry and turn R. Follow 1.5Km to junction by Trout Cottage. (GR 491 263) At the junction, go R and follow lane for 1.3Km to crossroads. Go straight ahead and follow for 700m past Bedlands Gate Farm. Just after R bend ascend steps on R (SP West Street). Bear L and follow path along edge of field to reach a gate leading to a track. Go L and follow track ascending gently to reach West Street. Go L for 20m and car park is across the road.




Updated 1st May 2020


Name of Organisation: Age UK Somerset
Contact at Age UK Somerset: Kate Barrington, Volunteering & Communications Manager
or Tiff Tapper, Volunteering & Communications Assistant
Telephone: 07812 603153 (during lockdown)
email address: [email protected]
Release Date/Time: Immediate

Friendly Calls provide a lifeline to isolated Older People

Age UK Somerset has adapted its services to meet the needs of local older people in these uncertain times. Aiming to reach those who are feeling particularly cut-off during self-isolation, the charity have set up a new service to alleviate the sense of loneliness experienced by many especially those shielding alone.


The Friendly Phone Calls service involves each client receiving a regular friendly phone call from a member of Age UK Somerset staff, to check in on them and help them to feel more connected. The regular calls lessen anxiety and offer clients an opportunity to talk about their concerns, allowing staff to signpost them to any other services which may be of further help to them.


This is a vital service for older people during the lockdown, many of whom do not speak to anyone else for days or even weeks.  One lady who is receiving a weekly call said of the service

“It’s excellent, a great help. It’s one of the things that will help us get through this, knowing there’s someone who cares enough to call you and see how you are getting on. It’s nice having someone to talk to and complain to!”


As more older people register for the service, or are referred to the service through partner organisations such as Mind with whom Age UK Somerset works as part of the Somerset Mental Health Alliance, so to meet demand the local charity has now increased the size of the friendly team so anyone over 60 in Somerset or North Somerset can hear a friendly voice on the end of the phone to cheer up their day if they request the free service.  To register for these Friendly phone calls you call 01823 345610, email [email protected] or visit the charity’s dedicated new website



Notes to the Editors:


Age UK Somerset (formerly called Age Concern Somerset), is a registered charity dedicated to making later life better for the older people of Somerset and North Somerset (charity number 1015900) through providing information, support and services.


Company limited by guarantee and registered in England & Wales.  Company number 271676 Age UK Somerset, Ash House, Cook Way, Bindon Road, Taunton TA2 6BJ



Our website:                During lockdown –




Notification of the Market Place Noticeboard change of location: (Please click on the link below)