Somerton Recreation Ground Trust

Somerton Town Council is connected to the following charity:

Somerton Recreation Ground


The Recreation Ground is partly owned outright and partly leased by STC on a 999 year lease from its owners. It has various pitches and open spaces used for sports and outdoor activities such as football and rugby. The Recreation Ground is maintained by a Groundskeeper, paid for by the Recreation Ground Trust.

Somerton Recreation Ground is a registered charity. Somerton Town Council is the “Trustee” to the charity; which means that it is in overall charge of the administration and management of the grounds. All Somerton Town Councillors become Trustees when they join the council, and they meet and vote on decisions in much the same way as the Council does. However it is important to note that the Council and Trustee, although the same people, MUST conduct their business separately. Therefore, matters relating to the Trustees and their charities are not supposed to be discussed in a Council or Committee meeting, unless this has previously been resolved for a particular reason. Similarly the finances of the Grounds are seperate from the Town Council’s (even though they are operated by the same people)

The Town Clerk is the secretary to the Trustees. The Trustees of the Recreation Ground have a management committee; who are involved in smaller decisions relating to the ground, for example small levels of expenditure relating to maintenance. This group is made up of a combination of trustees and local volunteers who have been involved in the grounds over the years.

Located on the Recreation Ground land is also Somerton Bowls Club, Somerton Tennis Club and the Sports Club complex and changing rooms. There is also the MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) on site. STC allow these groups to lease the buildings or land for an agreed period of time, on the understanding that they exist for the good of the town as a whole; rather than operating as businesses or ‘members only clubs’. In addition the Town Council operates a play area and a skatepark on the site.

The Sports Club is leased to the present occupiers on the understanding that any surplus monies made by the tenant goes back to the Recreation Ground as a whole, via the Trustee. This allows the Ground as a whole to continue to operate effectively.

For information on the Recreation Ground or the associated facilities please contact the Clerk’s office on 01458 272236 or email [email protected]

To book a pitch, contact the groundskeeper Mr. Andy Billing on 0796 7713861

Somerton Recreation Ground Pitch Fees:

April 2015 – April 2017

Pitch Fees
  Mini Junior Full Size Youth Full Size Senior
Community Rate £18 £22 £25 £34
Commercial Rate £20 £25 £30 £38
Tournaments £20      
Roped Pitch       £48
Rugby Football       £37
Rounders’ £85 per season