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Somerton Town Youth Football Club

Who are we?
Somerton Town Youth Football Club was established in 2001. We are a volunteer organisation that provides activities to children aged four to sixteen via the medium of football. We are an FA accredited youth football club that is affiliated with Somerset FA and play competitive matches in the Yeovil and District league.  We are based at Somerton Recreational Ground however we have a
very large catchment area. We have players covering the following area: Street, Queen Camel, Martock and Curry Rivel.

Our volunteer organisation is administered by our committee. Almost all of our volunteers are parents with children at the club. They manage teams, coach players, organise social activities and manage the administration of the club.

What do we do?
Somerton Town Youth Football Club is dedicated to providing an inclusive, positive and engaging experience for children. We offer activities for children across a wide age range, which ensures that every child has the opportunity to participate and learn at their own pace.  Whether it’s introducing the basics of the game to the youngest members or honing the skills of the more experienced players, the club caters to the diverse needs and abilities of all its participants.

Our soccer school, for children aged four to six, allows children to learn basic skills in a fun, friendly and playful environment. Children then progress into teams U7 to U16. Through a combination of structured training sessions, matches, and tournaments, young players have the chance to refine their technique, improve their physical fitness, and enhance their tactical understanding of the game. Our dedicated volunteers provide expert guidance, creating a supportive and nurturing environment that helps players reach their full potential.

Somerton Town Youth Football Club also fosters valuable life skills beyond the football pitch.  By promoting teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play, the club instils important values in its members. Children learn the importance of collaboration, communication, and respect for both teammates and opponents.

Our plans for the future?
Our volunteers are working to improve and grow the club, so we can provide more opportunities to children in our community. We have been supported by parents, many local businesses, Somerton Recreational Ground and Somerton Town Council. A recent grant
from Somerton Town Council will provide training to our volunteers to improve safeguarding, first aid and coaching skills, with the aim of implementing safeguarding best practice.

We have many more improvements planned and would like to become a registered charity.

If you would like to support our club, volunteer to coach or would like more information please get in contact [email protected].