South Somerset Local Plan

Somerton Town Council Final Comments:

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SSDC Local Plan 2014-2034 S.T.C Comments final 9th January 2018


The District Council is undertaking a review of its Local Plan (2006-2028), adopted in March 2015.

South Somerset Local Plan

Review: Issues and Options Consultation

The Council committed itself to a review of the Local Plan (2006-2028) following concerns raised by the Inspector at the examination phase, regarding the housing and employment land allocations at Wincanton. The review has been used as an opportunity to ensure that the whole Local Plan remains effective and up to date, and will result in a new Local Plan covering the period 2014 – 2034.

The Local Plan Review is currently at the Issues and Options consultation stage.

The Council has prepared an Issues and Options document which can be viewed electronically. Hard copies of the document are also available during normal office hours in the District Council’s offices or libraries across the district.

The ‘Issues and Options’ document sets out the issues identified by the Council’s evidence base and makes suggestions to address them. To stimulate debate, questions are asked throughout the document about the issues and options covered.

The consultation period on this phase runs from 26th October to midday on 11th January 2018. In this period, comments can be made in the following ways:

In submitting your comments by email or in writing, you may find it helpful to use the Consultation

Response form.

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SSDC Local Plan 2014-2034 STC Comments Draft 1 28/11/17